Dazewell Tips

We are so happy that you decided to take a leap of faith and order your Dazewell Essential Oil Diffuser! Below are tips on how to use our diffuser like a pro!


First find your desired location. Oil diffusers will release a fine mist of water to diffuse the oils around your room. Placing it near the center of your room is ideal, & lets the mist distribute evenly around the space. Keep it on a flat surface to prevent anything from spilling.


Next, place a towel underneath the diffuser to catch any spills. This is quite rare, but it does happen on occasion. Sometimes the condensation will cause water droplets which will eventually run down the sides of the diffuser, this is normal. However it is always best to plan ahead :)


Once the above steps are checked off, we can now move on to the fun stuff! Fill your diffuser with room temperature water for optimal mist & distribution. Fill the tank until the marked spot.


Add your favorite essential oils! Depending on how big your room is, we suggest putting around 3-10 drops for maximum effect. Once you have been "diffusing" more, and get more comfortable, you can combine many different scents to best fit your needs. Stay tuned, we will be releasing "recipes" of our favorite combinations soon.


Finally! Turn it on, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new Dazewell Essential Oil Diffuser! If you need any help, or have questions, we are always available by email info@dazewell.com. Our hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM PST.



❤️ Happy Diffusing ❤️