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Love the necklaces. Thank you

Miraculous medal

Love it good for coming Christmas gift.


I simply love this. I don't treasure it off. Definitely worth it. Highly recommended.

Dainty virgin mary necklace small

Great for younger children, my daughter and granddaughter love the necklaces i bought 1 silver, 1 gold No problems, fast shipping. Definitely recommend!!! Also recommend the bigger size its gorgeous!!

Miraculous Medal

I just love my Beautiful Virgin Medal!

It's just like the picture it is beautiful.

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace
Agnes Brown-Beaver
Having Virgin Mary Close

I ordered two necklaces, one for me and one for my sister. I took my off the chain put on a chain that I never take off. It has other medallions and cross on it. My sister is wearing with the chain.

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace
Barbara Navarrete
Beautiful Virgin Mary Necklace

I love the quality of the necklace. It’s so beautiful and strong.

Beautiful pieces!

Well worth the price!

The best gift I can give to my sisters this Christmas.

Thanks faithfully for this very beautiful miraculous medal I’ve been looking for this for a long time. I’m planning to order more for my family & have it blessed at the church.

I can’t say enough about my Necklace I so so love it. 💜

small silver dainty miraculous medal

Love it. It is beautiful. I bought the large gold medal and love having medal in both colors. Thank you.

Virgin Mary Necklace (small)

Absolutely love this necklace. I wear it every day and never take it off except on rare occasions. It is beautiful.

Holy Mother

I was very pleased with the Holy Mother medal my daughter loves hers too thank you very much so much larger than I thought really beautiful Judy Murphy Fort Worth Texas

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace
Michelina Bernabei
Gold dainty medals.

Have received the gold dainty medals, they are beautiful, very satisfied. God bless you all.

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Love my necklace

I love the necklace much nicer in person. Great service


I like it and its beautiful...Thank you so much

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Would love a little smaller

Dainty Virgin Mary Necklace

Medal Pendant Necklace

The medal is beautiful and I am giving it as a gift for my two daugthers!